Call Center

Yaadhum Call Center Services

In this modern world having efficient and quick customer care is as important as having a good company with the best product and services. Currently, if you have some trouble in providing the proper support for the customers, then you can outsource the call center services from Yaadhum International. We have the well-established team of experts who will handle both inbound and outbound customer service operations.

Since our team are highly skilled they will handle any domain since they are trained to handle a wide of domains. Our high-tech infrastructure with the highly skilled individuals and latest telecommunication software help in providing a quick and efficient call center support for your organization. We will provide support for 24×7 so that your customers will get satisfied with the services. Yaadhum’s call center services offered at the low cost and high quality so that you can get best services within your budget.

Yaadhum’s call center services

  • Phone answering services
  • Order confirmation services
  • Order tracking services
  • Virtual receptionist services
  • Claim processing
  • Handle product information request
  • Billing query services
  • Reservation booking services
  • Online support services
  • Database development and management services
  • Data recovery services
  • Customer follow-up services
  • Data validation services
  • Customer retention services and so on.

Why choose our call center services?

  • You can save a huge sum of above 50% on the operation cost which will make a huge difference in your budget.
  • Get a reliable and dedicated team as your call center agents to work for 24×7.
  • Get all the calls monitored and recorded for future use or reference.
  • With the advanced software, you can get the best services for your customers which will help in customer retention.
  • With our specially trained team, we will support you by managing your customers instantly.

Thus, if you need any call center services, contact us so that we at Yaadhum International will provide the best services so that you can be confident that we will meet the expectations of your customers.