Insurance Back Office

Yaadhum insurance bank-office services

Efficiency is the key to the insurance back-office operations for any company who is working in the insurance market. Whether you are an agent or a broker, everyone needs the insurance back-office services to meet their requirements. We at Yaadhum have an extensive experience in the insurance back-office management needs for the business or agency working with the insurance.

Whether you need is the summary or policy management, checking or generating the renewal summary, our team of a highly skilled person in handling all the back-office tasks for the insurance agencies. We serve for all types of sections including life and general insurance. We will take care of the highest levels of accuracy for insurance back-office management. 

Services we offer

With our back-office management services, you will be able to save more time and reduce your effort spent on handling these operations. By hiring our services you can concentrate on the decisions and operations which will help in increasing your business. Our insurance back-office services include:

Ø  Insurance appointment setting services

Ø  Insurance commission management services

Ø  Insurance data entry services

Ø  Insurance customer support services

Ø  Insurance reporting services

Ø  Insurance endorsement services

Ø  Life insurance underwriting

Ø  Underwriting the property and casualty insurance

Ø  Business process management services

Ø  Insurance software

Ø  Insurance market research

Ø  Insurance analytical services

Ø  Warranty claims management services and so on.


Special services offered by us include:

1.       quote summary, proposal and certificate of insurance (COI) services

2.       Document indexing and filing

3.       Loss run processing, policy checking

4.       Endorsement

5.       Billing and accounts receivable

6.       Renewal exposure summary


Why should you choose Yaadhum’s insurance back-office services?

We offer our best services within quick turnaround time and at an affordable rate. Here are some of the benefits you would obtain by hiring Yaadhum’s insurance back-office services:

Ø  The highly skilled and dedicated team of experts who works for your organization.

Ø  Presence of a backup team who will work in the absence of members currently working in the project.

Ø  Dedicated team leader and project managers will help in completing the project on time.

Ø  With the use of latest software, we will help in fulfilling your business needs.


Thus, if you wish to manage the insurance business you must have quality back-office management services. We at Yaadhum provide the high standard services at an affordable price to help you stay ahead in this competitive world. Contact us today to hire our insurance back-office services.