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Yaadhum RPO Services


The recruitment process is one of the toughest tasks for any organizations. To reduce the burden on you and help you concentrate on the business growth we at Yaadhum International offer the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. With our services, you will get a reliable partner with whom you can work to meet and manage the requirement needs.

There will be various recruitment needs in a business, we will understand your requirement and help you in finding the right candidate so that you can hire them to help you in business growth. We offer the best services based on our clients preferred level of involvement in covering the recruitment needs. We at Yaadhum have the best team who are highly skilled and experience. With a flexible approach, we will work for different industries and corporations.

Services we offer at Yaadhum

We offer our services with the process recruitment process which will include the skill-testing, qualification verification and screening. We will pre-qualify and shortlist the suitable candidates based on your need and help you make the final selections. The RPO services we offer are:

1.       Project recruitment – If you are hunting for the candidates who will help you in the projects, then we will help you successfully find the skilled ones based on your project needs. Whether you are a start-up company or an established one, we will focus on your business value and help you get the best RPO services.

2.       Contingent workforce – Sometimes, you may need the smart workforce in contract-based employment some times. Whether you need the employees for short or long-term we will use our skilled recruiters to help you find the best candidates who will match your exact requirements at a reasonable cost.

3.       Blended RPO services – We know that there is no one solution for different approaches. Hence we will help you find suitable staffs whether it is for permanent or temporary needs. We will use the secure and latest technology for the operation of recruitment. This means that our expert team will help you find the candidates who will meet your exact needs.

4.       Executive research – Whether you are looking for freshers or high-level candidates, we will help in filling the vacancy in your company easy. Our experienced team will help you in finding the smartest brains so that they will give their best for the company.

5.       Staffing – Our services are highly flexible and customized based on your need. Hence, we will offer the services at a reasonable price and effectively meet your recruitment needs.


At Yaadhum we understand your recruitment needs. Hence we will provide the best RPO services to save time and help you concentrate on the business goals. Thus, contact us now to get the best services which will provide you with complete satisfaction.